V-Line Ind. warrants that all products manufactured under the V-Line name shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of (1) one year from the date of original purchase.  Locks carry a (1) one year warranty from the manufacturer.

This warranty applies only to new security cases and cabinets purchased from V-Line Ind. or its authorized distributors and dealers.  Purchaser must provide proof of purchase and location of purchase in order to obtain service under this warranty.

V-Line Ind. at its option may repair or replace any defective parts or unit.

This warranty does not apply to damage or loss resulting from accident, misuse, improper installation, scratching of paint, normal wear and tear or negligence.

Purchaser must notify V-Line Ind. of any defect promptly upon delivery.  All unauthorized repairs or modifications performed will void warranty.

The responsibility of V-Line Ind. under this warranty is limited to replacement or repairs of defective parts at the V-Line Ind. factory or at a point designated by V-Line Ind. with all transportation charges paid by the original purchaser.

The implied warranty of merchantability with all other warranties on V-Line Security Cases and Cabinets are hereby excluded and disclaimed.  As a result, there are no warranties extending beyond those expressly stated in this limited warranty.


V-Line Security Cases and Cabinets are designed to provide moderate security while offering quick access.  Our line of “ready access security cases” or “quick access security cases” are not intended to provide the ultimate security system.  They have not been rated for burglary or fire resistance.

Check your local and state laws if you wish to use your V-Line Security Case in your vehicle.  Consult with your local law-enforcement agency or a local attorney to verify firearm storage and transportation laws in your area.

Under no circumstances will V-Line be responsible for any damages or loss including loss of time or labor incurred by the purchaser beyond the cost of items purchased from V-Line Industries.


Never store firearms and ammunition together. The safest protection against accidents involving children is to store your firearm unloaded in an approved Firearm Safety Lock Box, with the ammunition stored separately.