Top Draw XD-Handgun Safe with Heavy Duty Lock Cover

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The Top Draw XD-Handgun Safe with Heavy Duty Lock Cover is an upgraded version of our original Top Draw 2912-S BLK. The upgrade includes a heavy duty internal steel lock cover bolted to the lid with ¼” bolts secured to 3/8” steel welded blocks. This upgrade makes it extremely difficult to punch out the lock from the outside. The interior is lined with thick foam on the top and bottom to secure your firearm while traveling. The top opening case features an easily programmable five push button Simplex mechanical lock that does not require batteries. The Top Draw XD can accommodate up to two pistols depending on their sizes. It is nicely textured in a semi-gloss black powder coating and accented with a silver V-Line logo and stainless steel faceplate.  Great security improvement for your home. The Top Draw XD has predrilled holes in the bottom and can be secured on top of most surfaces with bolts or by using our optional Quick Release Mounting Bracket (part no. 2912/3912-MB BLK).

Designed and manufactured in the USA. Some lock components may be from outside the United States

This is a California-approved firearms safety device that meets the requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088 and the regulations issued thereunder.

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Top Draw XD-Handgun Safe with Heavy Duty Lock Cover

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA. Some lock components may be from outside the United States.
  • Fitted with Heavy Duty Internal Lock Cover.
  • Genuine SIMPLEX five button mechanical lock .
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • Top opening security safe with classic slim design.
  • 3/8” thick steel lock block welded to cover helps guide and adds strength to the lock bolt.
  • Pre-punched mounting holes for easy installation.
  • Lock bolts directly through the inner frame of case to prevent prying.
  • Foam lining on top and bottom protects and holds contents securely in place.
  • Sturdy fabricated steel construction with pry resistant clamshell design.
  • Finished in a tough textured semi-gloss black powder coating.
  • Continuous hinge is welded on one end to prevent pin removal.  Model 2912-S BLK XDcan be mounted directly to any surface or attached with the optional Mounting Bracket for easy portability.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2.5 in

Product Details

Model No. 2912-S BLK XD
Outer Dim: 12” x 9” x 2¾”
Inner Dim: 11¾” x 8¾” x 2½”
Material: 16ga. Steel
Ship Wt. 10 lbs.
Add 3/4″ to account for the knob height

Downloadable Support Files

Top Draw XD Lock Instructions

V-Line List of Compatible Cases-Pistols

Cortec Installation Instructions

How to Change Your Combination

Product Video

19 reviews for Top Draw XD-Handgun Safe with Heavy Duty Lock Cover

  1. Eric B

    I’ve been searching for the no fuss made in USA case that would be worthy of my revolver. The buck stops here! Easy to operate lock with quality parts throughout. Just received yesterday and I see this holding up for a long time.

  2. matthew H. (verified owner)

    I am really impressed, as I recently gave up on a well-known biometric unit that was highly unreliable. I am also very impressed with V-Line pre-purchase support. This is a no-brainer purchase.

  3. AC (verified owner)

    As advertised. High quality parts, easy to open/set/mount. Customer service is also top notch, they aways reply promptly.

  4. Steven

    Purchased on Amazon and really impressed with the heft, locking mechanism, and security of the Top Draw XD-Handgun Safe. The interior foam adequately protects your handgun and the exterior steel framing safeguards your handgun very well. Excellent security measure, yet accessible when needed.

  5. Anthony

    Bought one, liked it enough to buy one for my wife.
    Liked them both so much, bought a third one! 🙂
    V-line is quality throughout, and we really appreciate feeling confident that the money is well-spent.
    Thank you V-line.

  6. Millie

    My husband bought one and was pleased, so he bought one for me too.
    Good product, does what it’s supposed to: keeps items secure but easily accessible to those who have authorized access.
    Nice to find a product worth the money.
    Thank you V-line!

  7. Anthony

    Excellent product. Provides good security and easy authorized accessibility.
    Roomy enough for subcompact and 3 magazines, but could easily accommodate full-size and 3 magazines.
    Well done V-line!

  8. Doug A. (verified owner)

    I have another safe with the Simplex lock, and had later bought a safe that had a fingerprint reader. I thought with the brand name of that safe that the fingerprint reader would be reliable, but it rarely works. If I had an emergency, I’d just grab the key. So, I definitely like the mechanical lock much better, and needed another safe so bought this one. The Vline safe is well built and this size is good for two pistols. Delivery was fast. My only criticism was that in order to reveal the bolts to remove the protective cover over the lock to allow a combination change, I had to slightly rip the foam as it was glued pretty tightly to the cover. But, the foam lays back nicely so no big deal overall.

  9. RJR (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a Hand Gun Safe from V-Line and I can’t be more impressed by the quality of their safe and my overall interface with the company. V-Line is truly a “first class” company. On top of the outstanding support I received from them, I am extremely impressed that their products are “Made in USA”! I would highly recommend their products.

  10. George E.

    It was a gift from my son to keep my grandchildren safe when they visit. I’ve had it for over a year with no complaints. It is very easy to open and no batteries are required. The heavy duty metal construction and coating is exceptional. It’s produced in the USA, not by foreign made metals that are cheaply produced. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  11. Luke M (verified owner)

    I needed a 2nd safe for my Pistol b/c the common safe in my house is accessible by multiple people and can’t have that. A friend recommended VLine to me over stop box and glad he did. This feels more solid. I think I could have gotten away with the smaller version but now I have empty space to fill with a 2nd pistol. So win / win. It is small enough to travel with but it is a little heavy to carry for a while. But totally doable in a back pack. Solid build and well made. The lock changing instructions are a little difficult and is pushing in the “L” tab but after a few tries I got it. Vline sent me an email after purchase to offer help changing the combo if I needed it. Preemptive customer service! That was an added bonus. I will most likely order another.

  12. Fran C.

    This is my third V-Line safe. The fit and finish is fantastic and the quality is apparent. The Simplex lock provides peace of mind that it will function properly when needed – no batteries to replace or electronics to fail. Great made in the USA product at a fair price. Well done V-Line.

  13. Howard

    Great security, easy to change the combination. Batteries not required. Well built product, highly recommend

  14. Eric Bright (verified owner)

    Easy to set combo up, simple to open, every time, no batteries, no keys to fumble for or to lose. Fits in the car. Rock solid, bolt holds securely, hinge inaccessible because it is sealed at one end. Steel is thick without making the safe as heavy as a ton of bricks. The interior foam top and bottom prevents metal to pistol contact and hold things firmly. I lined my interior walls with cork tape for extra padding. USA made.

  15. Joe Jarosz

    This is my second Top Draw safe. Somebody bought more pistols. I LOVE the first one I bought, once I needed more storage there was nothing to think about, this is the only one I’d buy. No Batteries to go bad, No Keys, Easy to reset the combination for the lock, Rock Solid build quality.

  16. William (verified owner)

    Safe is solid, strong and well built. Changing the combination takes just a few minutes. I recommend this unit highly, plus it is made in the US. I’ve already told friends this is very easy to operate and has no batteries.

  17. rabideau23 (verified owner)

    This case is sweet it’s the perfect size to travel with, anyone can use it and it’s built to last. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. You can’t go wrong with this option!

  18. Jason Duncan

    I needed a pistol safe for my bedside that I could rely on to open quickly and reliably. This safe fits the bill perfectly. No need to worry about keeping batteries fresh or fumbling for a backup key when the electronic lock fails.

    This unit is very robust and well built Changing the combination was easily done. Highly recommend.

  19. Josh from Florida (verified owner)

    I have been looking at different safes to keep my children safe. I had a sentry safe that had a keypad. The only problem was every time I wanted to open it the battery would be dead forcing me to use the override key. The TOP DRAWER XD utilizes a simplex lock which is very easy to operate and has no batteries. In an emergency this is crucial. It fits nicely in the top drawer of the nightstand. I looked online for a while and my only hesitation was the price. Now that I own this product that is no longer a concern, everything from the great communication from the company to the expert packaging , and quality/fit/finish – I’m very pleased. It is a solid USA made product that I am excited to tell my friends about. Its well worth the money. Just buy one.

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