Tactical Closet Vault In-Wall Safe for Tactical Gear
Tactical Closet Vault In-Wall Safe for Tactical Gear
Closet Vault Dimensions
Tactical Closet Vault with Pistol Rack
V-Line Tactical Closet Vault
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Tactical Closet Vault In-Wall Safe for Tactical Gear

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Tactical Closet Vault In-Wall Safe for Tactical Gear is finished in a rugged Flat Black powder coating and is outfitted with an all steel Molle Board on the door.  The Tactical Closet Vault has been specifically designed to conveniently store and organize tactical gear.  The three point locking system with the Simplex quick access push button lock provides superior security on the corners of the door.  The lock does not require batteries and will always be at the ready.  The Tactical Closet Vault in-the-wall safe fits between the wall studs (16” on center 2×4). The Tactical Closet Vault provides a unique and space conscious way to secure firearms and your tactical gear such as magazine clips, ammo pouches, flash lights and optional mounts for your home defense weapons and other items with the convenience of quick access. The door and frame protrude less than 2 inches from the wall, allowing it to be concealed behind a door or in a closet. The Tactical Closet Vault comes standard with the door side Molle Board and two (2) Magnetic Barrel Supports.   The Tactical Closet Vault has a variety of tactical gear organizer options that will help keep your gear secure, readily available and well organized.  Eight Optional Kits include additional Molle Boards for the back panel, Fixed and Adjustable Long Gun Mounts and adjustable Full Shelves.

  Optional Kits

  MADE in the USA

This is a California-approved firearms safety device that meets the requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088 and the regulations issued thereunder.

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  • Tactical Closet Vault In-Wall Safe for Tactical Gear
  • Made in The USA
  • Designed for organizing tactical gear.
  • Several optional Interior Molle Board Kits with Long Gun Mounts increase the possibilities for storing your tactical gear.
  • Suitable for Standard or Home Defense Firearms.
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • The Tactical Closet Vault ships standard with an installed Molle Door Panel and 2- Magnetic Barrel Supports.
  • The door is made sturdy of 14ga. steel and it Powder Coated in Tactical Black.
  • The Tactical Closet Vault features a unique three point locking system with steel deadbolts protruding directly into the Vaults frame.
  • V-Line’s Tactical Closet Vault is designed to install in between the wall studs.
  • The door and frame protrude 2” to provide extra internal depth.
  • The SIMPLEX push button lock is mechanical and features a programmable combination.
  • Optional Kits and Shelves are available to customize the Tactical Closet Vault to best meet your individual needs.

Additional information

Weight 62 lbs
Dimensions 53 × 16.375 × 5.75 in

Product Videos

V-Line Tactical Closet Vault

All V-Line Closet Vault Installation Video

Product Details

Model No. 51653-S FBLK
Outer Dim: 53” x 14½” x 5¾”
Inner Dim: 49¾” x 13½”  x 4¾”
Overall outer Dim (including frame): 53” x 16¾” x 5¾”
Material: 14ga. and 16ga. steel – Tactical Flat Black Powder Coating
Ship Wt. 62 lbs.

Downloadable Support Files

Lock Instructions

All Closet Vault Install Instructions

Cortec Installation Instructions

Kit Installation Instructions


6 reviews for Tactical Closet Vault In-Wall Safe for Tactical Gear

  1. Jeremy

    This in-wall safe is the perfect fit for our home. Installed in our walk-in closet, between the studs, in less than 30 minutes. There is a good YouTube video that goes over the easy DIY installation process.

    The safe arrived well-packaged and in mint condition. Looks great!!

  2. Nicolas Arlotta (verified owner)

    This safe was very easy to install, even though my studs weren’t 16 inches on center, I had no issue adding studs to my wall and everything worked out perfectly. If I did have studs 16 inches on center, it would have only taken me maybe an hour to gather my tool, cut, mount and clean up. I also purchased the extra kit to mount my rifle and purchased the handgun hangers. Everything was top quality! I really love the fact that this safe takes up practically no space.

  3. kcb316 (verified owner)

    Installation is easy. The dimensions are just right for standard wall construction. Access into the vault makes it very convenient to quickly address any “need” that may arise. I prefer the Simplex lock system which eliminates the common biometric or lost key issues. Low tech is sometimes the best tech. This vault is SOLID!

    The shipping with a solid 2″ of foam around the entire product makes it darn near impossible to damage.

  4. Jason D. (verified owner)

    I am impressed with the build quality of the V-Line tactical closet vault. I love the Simplex lock, no batteries required! This safe is sturdy, mounts solid and is a quick and easy to open with customizable combinations with easy to follow instructions. I was very impressed by how responsive the team was once the order was completed. They quickly sent a shipping tracking code and once the order was confirmed and shipped. Excellent company, great customer service and quality product made in the USA!

  5. Brrgy (verified owner)

    I purchased this item instead of a huge gun-safe. This is an awesome alternative to huge gun safes for a reason. If you move, this will be much easier to move than a large gun safe. This gun safe is easier to conceal at a house (put a long mirror on reverse hinges over top of it), then people will not even know you have it. I wish V-Line would make a long mirror cover for this item for that exact purpose – I know many people who wish to securely hide their rifles. The lock works great every single time, buttons are very clicky when pushing them down. I fit 2 gauge shot guns, an AK, and an AR-15 in mine. I have mine in the basement and plan on buying a second one in the future for my bedroom closet.

    Dear V-line, if you make an optional add-on mirror with hidden hinges, I can sell a dozen of these safes almost immediately.

    This product is a 5/5

  6. Kyle S Kasparian (verified owner)

    The Vline Tactical closet vault is a nicely made vault very solid and great finish on the vault not a cheap locker the install is easy and there are lots of options for inside set up a helpful hint is just know what your putting inside to make your accessories selection easier and all will work great thanks vline …

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