LockView5 Software for the V-Line Narcotics Security Box


LockView5 Software for the V-Line Narcotics Security Box

LockView 5 is for use with 150 series eLocks only.  LockView 5 is easy to use, with many programmable options, and can be used to manage / update an eLock when connected directly to a laptop via USB cable. LockView provides a comprehensive audit trail of access attempts and records up to 5,000 events.

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LockView5 Software for the V-Line Narcotics Security Box.

An authorized Operator of LockView® can create a database of users and locks on a local or networked computer. Each user in this computer’s database is assigned to a slot in each lock to which they have access. A lock’s internal memory is divided into 3000 slots that store user information thereby giving each lock a maximum of 3000 users. That is, 3000 individuals are capable of opening the eLock.

The computer with LockView® loaded onto it has the ability to connect to locks directly, through a USB cable and update the lock’s memory to correspond with its own database. It is able to gather and manipulate a lock’s audit trail, or past operation log. Audit trail information contains, among other things, the lock’s name, the name of the user attempting to gain access, the credential used, if access was granted or denied, and the date and time of each interaction.

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LockView5 Manual

LockView 5 Pro Software Manual


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