Hide-Away-Large Capacity Handgun Safe

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All V-Line Cases and Cabinets will be shipping with a two year supply of Cortec corrosion inhibitor!

The Hide-Away is a larger version of the Desk Mate but also includes a pull out shelf for easy access to firearms or valuables. The Hide-Away is large enough to accommodate up to two pistols along with extra clips or other valuables such as cameras, keys, watches, etc. The Hide-Away incorporates the SIMPLEX easily programmable, five push button mechanical lock used on all our cases and does not require batteries. The lock faceplate is brushed stainless steel. The body is nicely finished in a semi gloss black powder coating with the V-Line logo accented on the dropdown door.  Great home improvement security product for your home.  The Hide-Away comes standard with a Quick Release Mounting Bracket (part no. 2912/3912-MB BLK) which secures the case to the underside of most desks or shelves for security and easy portability. Ideally suited to be mounted under cabinets, shelves or desks for quick access.

Designed and manufactured in the USA. Some lock components may be from outside the United States.

This is a California-approved firearms safety device that meets the requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088 and the regulations issued thereunder.

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Hide-Away-Large Capacity Handgun Safe

  • Front opening security case features slide out felt lined drawer for easy access to contents.
  • One Quick Release Mounting Bracket (MB2912) is included with each Hide-Away for easy installation under most surfaces.
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • Additional Quick Release Mounting Brackets may be ordered to allow the case to be used in more than one location.
  • 3/8” thick steel lock block welded to cover helpd guide and adds strength to the lock bolt.
  • Genuine SIMPLEX five button mechanical easily programmable lock for quick access with 1081 possible combinations.
  • No keys to lose or batteries to change.
  • The door is recessed for added pry protection.
  • Internal anti-pry brackets additional strength and security.
  • Continuous hinge is welded on one end to prevent pin removal.
  • An optional Universal Mounting Bracket (UBHA) is available to enable the case to be installed on top of most surfaces.

* Note: One Quick Release Mounting Bracket MB2912 is included with the Hide-Away 3912-SH.

Product Details

Model No. 3912-S BLK
Outer dimension w/door closed: 12¾” x 9¾” x 3½”
Outer dimension w/door open: 12¾” x 11¾” x 4¾”
Inner dimension: 11¾” x 7¾” x 2¼”
Material: 16ga. Steel
Add 3/4″ to account for the knob height
Ship Wt. 18 lbs.

Downloadable Support Files

Lock Instructions

Installation Instructions

V-Line List of Compatible Cases-Pistols

Cortec Instructions


How to Change Your Lock Combination

10 reviews for Hide-Away-Large Capacity Handgun Safe

  1. Eddy (verified owner)

    Just arrived yesterday. Very nice, high quality safe. I secured my safe with quick release mounting bracket under the shelf in my nightstand for extra security. I am a huge fan of the SIMPLEX mechanics. Perfect for my compact and full-size with an extra mag for each. Sliding shelf and door functionality were the reasons I chose this safe over the Fort Knox.

  2. Jeffrey Starr

    Excellent Quality. Heavy duty thick steel to prevent access to the safe, quality simplex lock for years of battery free service. Just bought my second one – not as a replacement, but for another office.

  3. Charles Beall

    My pistol uses Mags not “clips,” is this safe suitable for my weapon?

    • Bruce Derksen

      Yes the Hide-Away will store Mags.

  4. Paul

    Great safe, easy to install. I wanted a Simplex lock, not biometric/digital. Fits my compact and full size with couple of mags. Very nice.

  5. Blake Bennett

    I installed this safe on my nightstand to store my home defense handgun as a bedside weapon. This was the best choice of safe in my opinion as it did not take a key that could potentially get into the wrong hands, no batteries to fail and quick, quiet operation if/when the time comes I would have to deploy my weapon. The safe is very well designs and the construction is of high quality. I would recommend this safe to anyone and everyone.

  6. Jerrod Howard

    Great little box, perfect fit for my G19+holster. Super quick installation under my office desk. Buttons are solid, easy to program, good blind feel for the buttons. ONLY thing I would like to see is on the back of the user guide, a moutning template. It took more time to measure and mark the desk where the bracket needed to go to allow room to get the box to fit. A drilling template I could hold up and mark would have made this trivial.

  7. Ryan Carmichael

    Big brother to the Desk Mate-Handgun Safe ( which was my initial V-Line purchase ) it’s mounted to the other underside of my desk for important documents even had plenty of room to add a small motion sensing LED light inside which looks fantastic! The tray doesn’t slide out completely like the Desk Mate but does extend out a good amount and can be removed completely with four screws if necessary.

  8. Martin

    Our new Outdoors RV BackCountry 20BD had the smaller hide-away desk safe pre-installed in the bedroom. I was very impressed on how easy and quick it is to access to the safe. I convinced my wife we needed one for our home but bigger. The installation of the safe went smoothly and is very secure.

  9. Francesco

    Easy to mount and to personalize the security code. The mechanical locking system is very reliable while also allowing quick access when necessary.

  10. Gregory E. Hancock

    Ideal product. Heavy gauge metal, large capacity for longer barrel pistols and ammunition, easily mounted. No electronics – no battery, no motor – so will be easily opened when needed without concern about failed components.

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