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The Desk Mate handgun safe is designed to be mounted discretely under a desk or shelf for quick access to a single firearm or other valuables. The Desk Mate features an easily programmable, Simplex five push button mechanical lock that does not require batteries. The Desk Mate handgun safe comes standard with a felt lined tray which can aid in organizing and accessing smaller valuables. The bottom inside of the Desk Mate is felt lined for protection of your valuables. The black powder coated finish on the case is accented on the dropdown drawer with a V-Line silver logo and stainless steel lock faceplate.  Great home improvement security product for your home. The Desk Mate handgun safe comes standard with a quick release mounting bracket (part no. 2597-MB BLK) which secures the case to the underside of most desks or shelves for security and easy portability. Anti-pry brackets in the interior of the Desk Mate provide additional security from prying.

Designed and manufactured in the USA. Some lock components may be from outside the United States.

This is a California-approved firearms safety device that meets the requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088 and the regulations issued thereunder.

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Desk Mate-Handgun Safe

  • Designed to install under most surfaces with the included Quick Release Mounting Bracket (part no. 2597-MB BLK).
  • Front opening case door drops down for easy access.
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • The Desk Mate handgun safe may also be installed sideways with the top bolted to the side of a surface and the door on the top.
  • Genuine SIMPLEX five button mechanical lock for quick access with 1081 possible combinations, easy to set a personalize code.
  • No keys to lose or batteries to change.
  • Felt Lined Tray
  • One Quick Release Mounting Bracket (MBDM) is included with each Desk Mate for easy installation under most surfaces.
  • Additional Quick Release Mounting Brackets may be ordered to allow the case to be used and secured in more than one location.
  • 3/8” thick steel lock block welded to cover guides and adds strength to the lock bolt.
  • The door is recessed for added pry protection.
  • Internal anti-pry brackets additional strength and security.
  • Finished in a  tough textured semi-gloss black powder coating.
  • Continuous hinge is welded on one end to prevent pin removal.
  • An optional Universal Mounting Bracket (UBDM) is available to enable the case to be installed on top of most surfaces.
  • Accented with silver logo and stainless steel lock faceplate.

Product Details

Model No. 2597-S BLK
Outer dimension w/door closed: 7½” x 10½” x 2½”
Outer dimension w/door open: 7½” x 11¾” x 4”
Inner dimension: 6½” x 8¼” x 1¾”
Material: 16ga. Steel
Ship Wt. 11 lbs.
Add 3/4″ to account for the knob height

Downloadable Support Files

Lock Instructions

Installation Instructions

V-Line List of Compatible Cases-Pistols

Cortec Instructions


How to Change Your Lock Combination

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46 reviews for Desk Mate-Handgun Safe

  1. Craig (verified owner)

    Nice design. Good craftsmanship. Beautifully done! Made in the USA!

  2. Louis

    I installed this safe that came with my RV. Easy to install with straight forward directions. Works as advertised.

  3. J Johnson

    Solid product. All mechanical is great for reliable security. I wish there was a spring loaded slide out tray accessories.

  4. John

    Great little safe, mounted in a convenient place so I can grab or return my pistol whenever leaving or returning, kids can’t get to it at all.

  5. arubano4945

    Heavy little safe. Simple to use and never worry about battery dying.

  6. Alan White

    Excellent, durable and easy to install, easy to change combination.

  7. walter c

    Works well under the rear storage shelf in my Jeep. Made in the USA , always a plus. Well made product.

  8. Daniel

    I was surprised when I felt how heavy the safe is. Installation was a breeze. Very happy with the product.

  9. J. C.

    Well made and perfect for my needs. Mounts conveniently, and accessible when needed.

  10. Kevin

    I choose the V-Line DeskMate because I wanted the reliability of the simplex lock system. There are other brands such as Fort Knox that also have a simplex lock, but there were many comments in reviews that the buttons sometimes stick, wiggle excessively and are unreliable. I am pleased to find the V-Line DeskMate’s simplex is very robust and has worked flawlessly. I love the compact design and very convenient quick release mounting bracket. Great product overall!

  11. Jason C

    No electronics on the locking mechanism, so it will work in any situation. Simplex lock buttons are not too stiff or too loose. Combinations can utilize two buttons being pressed at the same time to make it harder to guess. Does exactly what it needs to without any complications. Easy to mount on the underside of furniture etc.

  12. David Spradlin

    A Deskmate was included with our most recent RV purchase. It’s a great idea and seems to be of very good quality. While it fits a handgun perfectly, even a thin nylon holster must be removed before it will fit in the box. Not a problem. Just would be nice if it were one of the slightly larger models. But, since it was already included in our RV, we can remove the holster so it will fit.

  13. C Coleman

    Love having this in the toy hauler! Great security option for my pistol!

  14. Mike

    TheV-Line Desk Mate is a top quality product that lives up to its made in the USA reputation. The design keeps things simple and foolproof. Secure mounting options, sold build, and exactly the size I was looking for. Don’t put your family’s life on the line with inferior products. V-Line has a loyal customer for life with me!

  15. Hal Weiss

    The V-Line Desk Mate is your basic little black safe. It’s classic and timeless. The controls are easy to use, and the mounting is pretty straightforward. Although the two thumbscrews are a tad difficult to maneuver for larger hands, they are not that much of a problem. These thumbscrews also serve as a stop to the slide out drawer, which I thought was clever. The safe is sturdy and offers a bit of extra peace of mind when storing your handgun away from curious children or a burglar who doesn’t have all day to open or remove it. All in all, I’m quite pleased with my purchase.

  16. Fred Schneyder

    We purchased a new RV with the gun safe installed. I carry most of the time and have grand children. I like the idea of a secure place to keep my pistol when it is not on my person. Very happy with the quality and ease of use.

  17. Art Nagel

    The desk-mate handgun safe is included with our new RV. It is extremely sturdy and well made. Easy to use and to change the combination if you want to. I would recommend this to anyone for purchase.

  18. Bryan

    Great product. Perfect for under my desk. Built strong and super fast to access. Recommended!

  19. Ryan Carmichael

    The Desk Mate-Handgun Safe was my initial V-Line purchase which easily fits my Sig Sauer P365XL along with extra magazines and a LED flash light with room to spare. Loved the Desk Mate so much I added a Hide-Away-Large Capacity Handgun Safe to the other side of my desk for additional secure storage of important items.

  20. Mike D. Kays

    I wanted an under cabinet safe that would not be easily noticed by any would-be burglars . This is a straight forward safe, which is well made and did exactly what I wanted. It has an optional frame which allows it to be mounted upside down just for my intended purpose. Well made, and best of all, made in the USA! No batteries, and a lot of options for combinations. I recommend this product!

  21. Jason Carignan

    I just received and installed my V-Line desk mate handgun safe…and I absolutely love it! I originally looked at getting a biometric unit but opted for this model to avoid the hassle of changing batteries, etc. I wanted something that would be hassle and maintenance free. I am thrilled with my choice! Extremely well made and easy to install and use.

  22. Martin

    The safe came mounted by the bed in our new Outdoors RV BackCountry 20BD travel trailer. It is easy to operate, and simple to change the combination. I liked it so much I convinced my wife to buy one for our home.

  23. Jon Ciffolillo

    I was looking for something simple to secure a handgun under the desk of my home office. Being old school, I trust a low-tech mechanical locking mechanism so I don’t have to worry about a dead battery or other failure the one time that I really need something to function properly. I have very little woodworking skills but I was able to adapt my desk to receive the Desk Mate with little problem besides a half dozen stripped screws.

  24. Henry W

    Fantastic safe and extremely secure. I originally purchased the Compact Keyless model but decided I wanted a mounting option. This is the best of both worlds so definitely worth the extra money! You can take the box off as a travel safe or mount it securely really anywhere (the size makes it very easy to hide). Absolutely zero complaints. If your pistol fits, you will love this.

  25. jsclark1967

    Excellent quality right out of the box! Set up was quick and simple. I highly recommend V-Line Desk Mate.

  26. Steve Rosenberg

    This safe came in my new Outdoors RV Trailer. Now I have a place I can store my pistol without worrying about someone other than myself having access to it.

  27. Steve Rosenberg

    Safe seems secure enough, I have it installed in my trailer so I don’t have to lock my pistol in my truck safe now.

  28. Todd Czapiewski

    Great compact security for handgun. Easy access and operation.

  29. ty lehman

    I got this safe after a competitor’s electronic safe failed. It was attached below the bed and something happened with the electronics to cause it to think it had no power, it lost all memory and could not be opened. It was not dependable all the way around, so after finally getting it opened and removing it, I decided to go for the V-line Desk Mate and I am glad I did. This has a lower profile, is quieter to operate, and seems sturdier…. And best of all this is mechanical and has no batteries or electronics to fail. This cost a little more but I think it is a much better investment… I tossed that other safe in the trash.

  30. Scott G.

    Great little safe. Easy to conceal and operate. I will also use it to transport firearm in vehicle.
    Nice quality

  31. Hank K

    its so easy to program the lock and easy to install. The unit fits perfectly installed under my working desk. Its so discreet, no one knows its there, its invisible and yet its very accessible. I am planning to get another unit for my other handgun in a different room.

  32. Mark V. Murphy

    Great quality sturdy product. Easily concealed but readily accessible.

  33. Jack Greening

    The Desk Mate was easy to install under a bedside wall mounted side cabinet with drawers. There was some rattle when operating the door so I backed off the nuts and slid a thin piece of vinyl seal between the safe and the mounting plate. Presto, quiet operation. Reprogramming the lock was easy. I like the mechanical lock, batteries are not reliable in critical situations and fail at the worst times. I also have a wall unit that I am abandoning in a house we just sold, and will mount another bottom mount V-Line from another house. I like the reliability of the mechanical lock and the sturdy case.

  34. David

    Excellent quality. Easy to use. Best part is no batteries to change.

  35. jmarley

    Read the reviews and they were all correct > heavy duty solid case . AND the plus No batteries to change out

  36. Stephen Murphy

    Excellent quality, easy to program, fast and easy to install and quiet compared to my other safe’s for my handgun. The best feature is the quick release combinations, practically impossible to crack and never have to worry about the battery or keys! High quality, solid unit.

  37. JStapert

    Super easy to install, super easy to set up my own unlock code – a must have.

  38. James Carter

    Solid and Secure. Large enough for my S&W Model 99 semi-automatic 40 Cal, with room for an extra magazine. Relatively easy to install and program the lock. Follow the instructions TO THE EXACT LETTER and you will have no problem. I did not follow them precisely for the first time or three, but finally figured it out. Keeps my handgun safe from my grandkids.

  39. Mark Murphy

    great security with a low profile, very discreet

  40. Jeff W.

    I purchased the V-Line Desk Mate handgun safe to install in my truck. I secured it to the floor under the back seat of my F-150 Crew Cab using the the Universal Mounting Bracket . Installation was straightforward for anyone with basic skills. The safe is out of view but still accessible. It’s the perfect solution for securing a handgun in a vehicle.

    • Bruce Derksen

      Thank you Mr. Whipp!
      I am happy that the bracket worked for you to install the Desk Mate in your truck!
      Thank you for your review!

  41. Ben

    Solid safe and easy to operate mechanism. Set new combo with no issues. Opens every time without fail. Even tried to bungle it up and sloppily enter the buttons. Wife had no issues entering combo during live-fire home invasion exercise. Works great even in a rush. With tactile feedback, this is a breeze to open in low light or simulated blackout. Great tip included with packaging to get in the habit of turning the latch CCW before entering combo in order to clear previous entries.

    One handed entry with no batteries to die or finnicky electronics to fail. Everything I want and nothing I don’t. Such a robust and simple product w/ all metal construction. I have faith this product will stand the test of time. Thanks for making a great product, V-Line.

    Worth noting, this was easy to install with included bracket. If you have basic carpentry or handyman skills, you can install this in a variety of positions to suit your needs.

  42. Justin Pinkston

    I researched many different gun safes for my desk before buying, and this product came out as the clear winner. After installing and using for a while, I am completely convinced this is the simplest and most effective safe for quick access to your handgun under your desk.

  43. Ron Thrush

    Security at its best, great investment!
    Peace of mind knowing I have fast access to my weapon when needed yet secure from curious eyes is priceless. No worries of battery failure ever, customizable combination, its the best, I just bought my second V-Line gun safe. I feel its a great investment in safety and security.

  44. Ron

    Simply the best for reliability, quality and made in America. I found the safe to be easy to install and operate quickly, yet still be out of sight from curious eyes. The security is a good feeling no price can buy. I also appreciate the versatility available with additional mounting hardware available, not to mention, NO batteries or imported electronics to fail!

  45. John Elliott

    Perfect to secure a handgun where power is not easily accessible. Handgun is secure but can be rapidly accessed.

  46. Mark Margolis

    Works great conceals well, small but large enough for handgun

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