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All V-Line Cases and Cabinets will be shipping with a two year supply of Cortec corrosion inhibitor!

This is the baby brother of our popular Top Draw handgun safe. It features the SIMPLEX five push button mechanical easily programmable lock that requires no batteries. The Compact pistol safe is ideal for transporting a single firearm or valuables. The Compact pistol safe is nicely finished in a textured semi-gloss black powder coating, accented with a silver V-Line logo and brushed stainless lock faceplate. The foam interior helps protects your gun and/or valuables while in transit. The Compact pistol safe also features an elongated hole in the back right hand corner of the case to accommodate a cable lock or padlock for securing your case in your car or home. Our Smallest Security Case – please review the dimensions under the “product details” tab to make sure you have room for your items.


Designed and manufactured in the USA. Some lock components may be from outside the United States.

This is a California-approved firearms safety device that meets the requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088 and the regulations issued thereunder.

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  • Compact-Pistol Safe
  • Genuine SIMPLEX five button mechanical lock for quick access with 1081 possible combinations.
  • Top opening pistol safe with classic slim design.
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • 3/8” thick steel lock block welded to cover guides and adds strength to the lock bolt.
  • Elongated holes (3/8 W x 1/2 in H )  in the back allows a cable or pad lock to be used to secure the case to secure objects in your vehicle or home.
  • Foam lining on top and bottom.
  • Sturdy fabricated steel construction with pry resistant clamshell design.
  • Finished in a tough textured semi-gloss black powder coating.
  • Continuous hinge is welded on one end to prevent pin removal.
  • Accented with silver V-Line logo.
  • Our Smallest Security Case – please review the dimensions under the “product details” tab to make sure you have room for your items.

Product Details

Model No. 279-S BLK
Outer Dim: 9½” x 7¼” x 2” Case only, add 3/4″ to account for the knob height.
Inner Dim: 8½” x 6½” x 1½”
Material: 18ga. Steel
Ship Wt. 5 lbs.

Elongated holes in back of case are:  3/8″ W  x  1/2 ” H

Downloadable Support Files

Lock Instructions

V-Line List of Compatible Cases-Pistols

Cortec Instructions


How to Change Your Combination

80 reviews for Compact-Pistol Safe

  1. Jesup Helget

    I liked it so much that I got 2. Great addition to the safety and security of my home.

  2. Jesup Helget

    Great little safe! Love the simplicity and yet still very secure.

  3. Lance

    Love this little lock box: bolted next to the bed and I can open it faster than I can get my glasses on. Very high quality box and the Simplex mechanism is just awesome.

  4. Daniel T.

    Rock solid, easy to reset and easy to use even in the dark. No batteries or digital nonesense to worry about failing at the worst possible moment. A+++

  5. DAN (verified owner)

    My Second case- just the right size for my 1911 and secures well in my truck.

  6. Marco (verified owner)

    Very nice. Fits in drawer, lock is easy to use, and won’t run out of battery power. Very sturdy and good quality item. Very hard to find cases like this with a simplex non-electric lock. A++

  7. Rachel E

    This brand was recommended to us and so far it’s been great! Very heavy duty and sturdy, and easy to change the combo. I like that you can dual press buttons to make up the combo.

  8. Christina

    Couldn’t decide on what type of pistol safe to purchase, and after some research, found that users found one with a mechanical lock fared best. Heavy & sturdy, fits my M&P 380 with room to spare.

  9. Clay Booth (verified owner)

    Sturdily built. Fits my sig 365 with plenty of space. Happy to support American made products

  10. Clay Booth (verified owner)

    Sturdily built. Fits my sig 365 with plenty of space

  11. Tere Worsham

    Excellent safe for my Glock 19 in a small closet. Love the easy open clamshell. NO BATTERIES

  12. L Jeong

    I’ve had a bunch of these in the past. Everytime I see a new tech safe, I go and purchase, but regret buying. These have been my tried and true safes for all my guns! No electronic wizardry to mess with. Plain, simple and strong…thanks!

  13. Jeremy S (verified owner)

    Excellent quality safe made with good materials

  14. Brian Smith

    WILL hold a Beretta 92. However it is a tight fit. My only issue is that there was no security cable included for the price, and here’s only one hole in lock box for the security cable. …its a good box, but useless if someone can just pick it up and walk away with it…

  15. Don L (verified owner)

    Great product. Well made. Easy to use Simplex lock. Definitely compact with the lock taking up real estate inside, so if you are looking to put more than a pistol and an extra clip in there, upgrade to the TOP DRAW line.

  16. Joey D (verified owner)

    This is a great product. Very sturdy and well made. The buttons click easily and noticeably when you enter the combination so you know for sure that what you pushed registered. Fits nicely in my night stand and hold my 1911 with a little space on all sides. It ships very securely and there was no chance of damage in shipping.

  17. Steve Zelenak

    I bet that I bought one of it’s big brothers over 20 years ago and it’s still in daily use. I’ve tried a number of cheap, Chinese pistol “safes” trying to save money but two of them are now sitting unused and my recently purchased Compact replaces the one use daily in a vehicle. The Compact is as well built as my original and sits well under the seat, cabled to the truck. I do like the Made in USA aspect of it but really, I bought it as the Simplex pushbutton lock beats the biometric or tumbler types I’ve tried handsdown. I’ve had biometrics fail and tumblers jam and those tumblers just cant be read without my eyegalsses. NOT a problem I need when I’m in a hurry. The Compact is well worth the price!

  18. S Cosmo

    Just the box I needed for the top draw of the nightstand. I was able to use an old laptop security cable to route from the rear of the pistol safe through the rear of the nightstand and secured it to the wall. The safe does not have a spring or piston to open the lid, so you need to pull it open by the lock knob or get your fingernails under the lid. To make it easier to open I placed a tennis ball in the safe, it’s just enough to lift the lid about 1/2″ making it easier to open.

  19. Ryan

    Easy to use and secure. No batteries needed.

  20. Vin (verified owner)

    If you are considering another manufacturer’s product from someplace other than the USA because of price, I encourage you to give one of these a try. It is as good as advertised.

    It is superior to the other storage boxes I have from a popular company you see on the web and at local gun shops. This V-Line Compact model is an impressive product. From the sturdy construction to the ease of operation, it’s just what I needed for a handy way to store a Walther P99 AS and spare magazine. I needed something that was large enough to store a P99 but small enough that it would fit in a specific location. Like others, I like the battery-less locking system. This is my first V-Line product. It won’t be the last.

  21. Dayton

    So far so good, seems well made in the USA. The locking mechanism is easy to use and change codes. Definitely rather have this than battery operated.

  22. William Lingenfelter

    I purchased this compact pistol safe to use while traveling, primarily. I refuse to buy Chinese built anything when an affordable American made equivalent exists. This safe is small but rugged. As a primary deterrent to unauthorized use, I think it’s great. I wish VLINE sold a cable specific to their products as I will need to buy/make one to secure the safe.

  23. Van (verified owner)

    USA made, well crafted and ready to site our G19 with an extra mag, not much room for much else. Overall, this small sage meets the need and creates the security we desired

  24. Alec (verified owner)

    Great safe. The mechanics feel very sturdy, as does the case itself. It is easy to open and provides quick access. The lock mechanism within the box does limit how you can place your firearm. If you place it in the wrong spot, the metal of the lock mechanism will rub against your gun and potentially damage it–if you can even get it closed in that position. That being said, I could still fit a subcompact and and extra mag within the case easily as long as I placed them outside of where that lock mechanism protrudes down.

  25. Jeffrey Pollard

    Need Help To Open Pistol Safe!

    • Bruce Derksen

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Please give us a call at 805 520-4987.

  26. Nick Culicerto

    Very nice compact gun safe. Well built. I like the mechanical lock much better than electronic locks. It provides quick, easy, and reliable access. Would buy again.

  27. Brian Archibald

    Nice small box for bedside use. Looked at many but purchased this one and am pleased i did.

  28. DiverIsDown

    Compact-pistol Safe: This safe was purchased primarily as a suitcase travel container for a compact pistol due to its relative light weight and ability for cable lock use. The optional cable is sufficient to loop around the main rear supports of the luggage handle and lock internally inside box. The SIMPLEX mechanical lock is fool proof but requires basic practice and repetition to become familiar with its function. IF this type of container / lock system is used for a fast deployment pistol then practice in the dark or blindfolded until its ingrained. I have used electronic 4-finger keypads and they are simple enough and work well until the batteries are weak or dead. They also have a locking mechanism that can be easily tampered with, as you can find many videos of on the Inter-webs on this subject. Made in USA so I support them 100%

  29. Deven

    After a lot of comparing and searching I found this to fit my needs. I needed reliable, simple locking that didn’t rely on batteries or keys. Saw a great review of the V-line products by Handgun Safe Research and all of the features highlighted there. Decided to buy one and have been very happy. Fits a Glock 19 with a PL-2 Minin Valkyrie light and spare mag perfectly. As others have pointed out, it would be ideal if it included a cable, but not a deal breaker for me. I will utilize the pre-drilled holes and secure it that way. Great product and I expect to add more soon!

  30. Kaz

    Great product. Easy to setup your own combo, and it works great. No need to worry about batteries dying, electronic malfunction, etc. I highly recommend.

  31. Ron McMullan

    I live in Wisconsin and a few years ago I bought another brand with an electronic keypad for use in my truck. However, I quickly learned that a battery operated unit isn’t always reliable In the wintertime in a cold vehicle. Looking for a better solution, I read up on the V-Line compact handgun safe with the Simplex mechanical lock system. The unit and lock are heavy duty and quality made. And, because the locking system is mechanical it is impervious to cold weather. The safe is perfect sized for my snub nosed revolver and extra speed loader, but may not be large enough for a full sized semi auto pistol.

  32. Theron Bryant

    Wish I had seen the “compact” designation when I purchased it. It still fits my Baretta 92FS but I think I’ll use if for my CZ P10c in the car instead. Great fit for the latter; just barely fits the former. Would be nice to have screw holes in the bottom as I could then secure it to the inside of my top drawer; but overall great design and the buttons give enough positive feedback so you know you pushed them. Great product.

  33. Isaac R Brookshire

    Great value for the money . Simple and convineat construction

  34. David

    Had done a lot of research and was looking for a simple no battery needed safe. It seems well built and I really like the simple lock design. I watched multiple YouTube videos of a gentleman breaking into safes and this was one style that stood the test. It is not as sturdy as the “Brute” or “fort knox” but it is simple and transportable for either on the road or bedside quick access. The only thing I did was cut the foam on the top because there was some resistance that hindered the ease of opening the safe.

  35. Zeke (verified owner)

    This safe is economical, but it’s not too small. I bought it for a Walther PPK/S but you could easily fit a full-sized pistol like a CZ-75 in it. It’s heavy, sturdy, and well-made. Great small safe!

  36. Andrew

    The construction of this pistol safe is strong and there are two holes in one corner to allow for mounting of a cable to anchor the unit.

  37. Nick

    This is my first V-Line pistol safe. It arrived in a sturdy box in perfect condition. It is very sturdy and well built. There are no batteries which I love. I was able to secure it with aircraft cable to make it secure. I can open the safe in the dark by feel. No need to see the buttons. After watching the video online I quickly set my own code.

  38. Josh

    I think this is an excellent, quick access safe. It’s relatively small and discreet, but sturdy and secure. Te placement of the lock body is a little odd, and greatly reduces the available space in the box – it’d be much appreciated if there were some sort of rubber or some other scratch reducing cover over the lock body as well. The foam pads are welcomed, although I do wish they were a 1/4 – 1/2 inch shorter. With my 3.5″ carry gun in low-profile appendix style leather holster, I have to press down more than I expected to get it closed. The full size 4.5″ with under barrel light in its kydex holster doesn’t fit with the foam inside – only without its holster. I could get a bigger safe, remove the foam, or leave it out of the holster (which is why I didn’t remove a star) but that’d be my suggestion for product improvement. Otherwise, I think this safe is excellent, small but safe, and the simplex mechanical buttons are my most preferred, low fail-rate, quick access style. The simplex buttons are smooth, and the ability to double up buttons to make a more complex code is excellent. I’ll revisit V line when I need another safe in the future.

  39. David

    I researched a lot of others, and this is perfect for my needs. It has an easy and quick mechanical lock and is portable for travel.

  40. Colin

    Great little safe. Feels very sturdy. It’s actually quite heavy, which leads you to feel like it’d be hard to force your way into. I also like the simplex lock. I much prefer them to a cheap electronics that other pistol safes utilize. If I’m going to bet my life on a product, it doesn’t need to be contingent on whether or not I put fresh batteries in it recently. Not overly spacious inside (since you have to allow room for the simplex lock inside the box. But I was still able to fit a full size 1911 or a full size Glock 17 with a mounted light (and a spare magazine). I’m not looking for a multi-pistol box. It works just right for what I’m looking for.

  41. Evan Ponssa

    Great safe. Affordable, compact, and easy to open, and keeps people you want out of the safe, OUT!

  42. M. Smith

    The most secure way to quickly access your loaded firearm is a security device with a mechanic pushbutton lock. No keys for you to misplace or found and used by children or other unauthorized users. No batteries to run down, leak and fail.. No back up key to be searched for and employed, no dials to spin and no need for a primary or secondary sight source to locate and open it. . The mechanical “Simplex” lock has proven itself over many decades of use to be the very best for such a purpose and combined with a V-line safe lock box one has to look no further. Nothing is faster, more simple, secure nor failproof to produce your personal defense firearm in that rare event when you may need it. I have two in my residence, one in my office and I would like to see a couple of even smaller ones to simply place in my car for 2-3 inch barrel firearms that can be easily accessed that are even smaller than the compact such product should easily slide under the front seat or fit in the glove box of most vehicles and have a side or top open door not the clamshell door so one can reach over open the glove box or bend down while seated and open the box and easily access your firearm. This is about minimal security and maximum access while in a vehicle Something I can mount in my vehicle or simply carry to my vehicle back and forth when needed – look at what is out there and make us one better with a no key, simple three or four button lock that is quick, easy, secure and practical for under the front seat and glove box.

  43. Luke Fisher

    Solid built product. Fits my Sig P320 XCarry plus an extra magazine. Wish there were pre-drilled holes for mounting though. But I see this was designed to be moved from different places (home to car, etc) so that is likely why there are none. If you want a mountable one, look at the Vline Top-Draw Handgun safe. That model can be mounted to a surface. Overall, very happy with this safe.

  44. Erin Rake

    Very impressed with the sturdy quality and the ease of use. Well done.

  45. James schneller

    this is my first safe from V-Line, I can say am impressed, it was much heavier than I expected. it is well made, the simplex combination is easy to remember and change, I am going to buy the brute safe next payday. awsome product line.

  46. Leonid Kogan

    Nice safe, Only problem I have with it is only one hole for floor mounting and one hole for wall mount, company should’ve placed another hole for the floor and one more for wall mount. Other then that good solid product.

  47. Mike Brown

    Well made, dependable mechanical lock and no battery to replace.
    The lack of mounting holes is surprising, but easy to drill.

  48. Jackson foy

    Great safe. Small, compact, keeps it away from the little ones. Fits a full size Glock. Just what I needed.

  49. Keli Denham

    After a recent break-in, I wanted to make sure my pistol was more accessible but still safe. My husband got me the Brute for Christmas so I could keep my gun near my bed but still keep it safe from my son. Construction is great! It was super easy to change the combo and it fits nicely on the floor between the bed and nightstand. I feel safer already!

  50. Michael C, Camarillo, CA

    Michele Bennett was amazing! She went above and beyond to help me track down some replacement parts for a 28 year old closet safe.
    It is very rare to get that kind of customer service today. Thank you, so much. Everything is back working like a charm!

  51. John in NC

    Very sturdy and easy to use in my vehicles. I loop a padlock thru the holes hooked to a u-shaped bicycle lock that is looped around my seat posts. To defeat this, you would need a cutting torch or metal cutting blade or hydraulic bolt cutters. I doubt most smash and grab thieves would have these tools or time to deploy them. This is a very secure set up and I love it. We are purchasing a second one for jewelry when we travel. This little safe moves from the vehicle to the hotel room with ease.

  52. Dave

    The Compact model was exactly what I’d been hoping for. Very nicely crafted, excellent lock action (with easy-to-reset combination), and small enough to fit in some places the Top Draw might not—which was a top criterion for me. Yet the Compact easily holds a full-size 9mm with room for an extra mag and more. The intruding lock mechanism that a few have commented on doesn’t seem to be an issue. All in all, I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. Even more so, because it’s American made. Highly recommended.

  53. Stephen Lindsey

    Good, quick access safe, great size for its purpose. The twist release is a little tricky sometimes. But overall I would recommend it

  54. Justin Johnson

    This was my first V Line safe product. So far its great. Recieved what i expected. Love the simplex lock design. Good quality. Good price, which is why i chose v line. Fits a 1911 as well as a glock 17. If i could add anything it would be a gas strut to hold door open, and maybe some pre drilled holes. But overall I’m happy and would recommend to others!

  55. Sam

    I just purchased my first firearm and safety is my number one priority. I reviewed many in home lockbox options, but V-Line’s track record and reliability put this safe a step above the rest. I am very pleased with my purchase. Highly recommend

  56. Taylor

    Excellent safe. Lightweight but sturdy. Combination was easy to change. Easily fits a Shield and two magazines. Highly recommended, especially for the price.

  57. Bill

    Just got one. Works pretty good.

  58. Teresa

    I like this compact safe to keep my gun secure. The lock is easy to open and I don’t have to keep track of a key or worry about replacing batteries. The safe is heavy duty and made in America! Shipping was super fast too!

  59. John

    Solid well made gun box. entering the combination is easy and fast. excellent made in USA product. Liked it so much I bought 2!

  60. David J lapman

    Great solid rugged design! Works perfectly in my vehicle strongly recommend the compact for safe storage of your firearm. I will be purchasing products from v-line in the near future Great American made products!

  61. Parker Lucey

    I enjoy my new V-Line compact pistol safe. At first I was confused on how to clear out the factory combination and set my own. But after following along on the YouTube video I was able to figure it out. Thanks V-Line!

  62. lratner18

    Really good safe. I like the lock. Only issue is how deep the lock port rests in the safe.

  63. lratner18

    Solid box. Easy and reliable lock. Just wish the lock port didn’t take up so much room inside.

  64. David ODonnell

    Great Safe. I have bought 2 of these to store guns in my cars while I valet. Very happy.

  65. Josh Miller

    A friend told me about this and I’m glad that he did. I’ve been wanting something that is secure from my children and yet easy access if need be. I feel more confident in the mechanical keys than the electric keypads I’ve seen in other safes.

  66. Matt McIntyre

    Great little safe. Versatility for anchoring anywhere. Easy to set combination.

  67. Old School Wheelgunner

    We own two of these: they are superb for simplicity and sturdy. At this price, I cannot complain. We got rid of our battery-powered, touchpad safe. Thanks for making such a great product.

  68. Jerrod Steinbacher

    I like the mechanical lock a lot better than an electronic one that requires batteries. Seems well made over all. The lid is slightly awkward to open and there is no hydraulic lift assist but it isnt bad. I would buy another one.

  69. James

    Excellent safe. Compact but very well crafted. My wife feels comfortable and can easily access the safe.

  70. Jimmy

    Excellent safe. Easy to use and large enough for what I will use it with. We

  71. Matt Gould

    This is my 4th V-Line box. All of them work flawlessly every time. Very easy to change the lock combination.

  72. Jason Caron

    My wife and I each had sentry safe. The batteries were always dying . We bought two compact vlines and love them. Great quality product . Well designed . Reasonable price . Nice work, guys

  73. A. Fausto

    This safe was recommended by my father in law quite some time ago. He uses the TOP DRAW for his SIG and has used this line of products for a LONG time. By the looks of it, so will i. He just got me “the compact” for christmas and ill tell you, after using this safe i will never use battery operated safes again! V-Line has set the bar for practical, secure and FAST pistol storage/access. Fits my G19 or Super 38 like a glove. Very satisfied with this product,

  74. Lucky User

    This is my most-trusted single handgun case. I sleep with this one at night because it can be opened quietly without turning the lights on. It is also possible to use a strong tether to prevent the box from being removed from the approved area.

  75. Dan Nichols

    This is my most-trusted single handgun case. I sleep with this one at night because it can be opened quietly without turning the lights on. It is also possible to use a strong tether to prevent the box from being removed from the approved area.

  76. Jeff Murdock

    I was looking to make my S&W 642 tamper-proof from the grandchildren, and was leaning towards a biometric safe until I read negative reviews about battery life. So, I decided on a mechanical lock design (no batteries) and hence the V-Line. It’s solid, compact (fits easily in the drawer of my nightstand) and is made in the USA. Secure, yet quickly available should the need arise. Highly recomended.

  77. Spencer

    A few months ago, I had a scary experience where I attempted to retrieve my handgun from my battery-operated safe and found that it would not open after I inputted the code. Fortunately, I was just going to get it for a trip to the range. I resorted to retrieving the key and opening it via the backup option. Come to find out, the battery had leaked and rendered the battery method inoperable. I realized immediately that all of the battery operated safes that I have invested in over the years can so easily become inoperable without notice. Now I am switching all of them over to the mechanical locks. They are just as fast and I have much more piece of mind that they won’t fail on me if I need to retrieve my gun in a hurry. This V-Line product is great. small and compact, easily transportable and easy to use. Thank you for a great product.

  78. Bill Bridwell

    I like that this product is made in the USA nice heavy duty build and I like the battery-“less mechanical lock system. I would recommend this however a lot of the lock body protrudes down into the bulk of the depth of the safe and it’s raw metal therefore able to scratch your belongings. It would be much better if they put some sort of rubberized coating or cover on the lock body . This detail would make this product go from an 8 to a 10 and I would be willing to pay more for this level of finish.
    Bill Bridwell

  79. Anthony D Myers

    Very solid.

  80. Scott

    This is my second V-Line Safe. My first was the Brute. Same great construction as the Brute except smaller for installation in a truck console. Simplex lock is idiot proof. Fits one gun as big as a 1911 or Ruger GP100 with a 4.25 ” barrel. My only suggestion is that security cable be included with the safe. Looking forward to buy a third V-line safe.

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