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  • V-Line SRT Vault


    NEW PRODUCT!!!!!

    V-Line SRT Vault (Shotgun, Rifle, Tactical) is designed specifically for Law Enforcement agencies for safely storing weapons in an area where security and quick access are mandatory. Featuring a S&G UL rated high security electronic lock with a master and single user code. The SRT Vault can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Adjustable quick release straps secure the firearm(s) against a high density foam liner. In addition, a Molle Panel Board fitted to the lid allows for better utilization of space for storing clips and other tactical equipment that compliment a secured weapon.

    The Sargent and Greenleaf UL rated Type-1 E-lock features a Master and single user code. Management reset capable. The keypad can be easily rotated 90 degrees by the end user to maintain the desired orientation when mounting the case.

    The SRT Vault is made of 14ga steel with hemmed edges for added strength. The three point locking system adds additional anti-pry strength to the vault. Pre-drilled holes in the back of the vault allow for mounting on a wall or the vault can be mounted on a secure horizontal surface. When the SRT Vault is mounted horizontally the gas assisted damper shock allows for a safer closing of the lid. If mounted vertically the gas assisted damper can be removed for easier operation.

    Designed and manufactured in the USA. Some lock components may be from outside the United States.