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You can't go wrong! All products are 100% guaranteed. If you don't like the products for any reason return them within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Deep Conceal came about when I realized I needed to carry a concealed handgun. Due to my growing up in the Washington DC area and Houston Texas and the "street" education that area brings, I learned early on that carrying a concealed firearm was just as judicious as having a spare tire in the car, a fire extinguisher in the house or that quarter in the car for the pay phone. The problem was that when I went looking for an effective way to conceal my small handgun in a professional business environment, it simply didn't exist.  Every single gun store I went into tried to sell me the same thing. The inside or outside the waistband holster. The typical inside or outside the w aistband holster didn't work for me. They were both uncomfortable and the handgun was difficult to get to when seated. Then one day it hit me.  Every single sales person in every single gun store was wearing an open shirt that covered their inside or outside the waistband holster. These were "gun guys"!  Gun guys don't wear the same clothes that I do. I realized that there really wasn't an effective, well made "shoulder holster" thatwould work consistenly and comfortably under a tucked in button down shirt. If I changed my wardrobe and started wearing T-Shirts in a professional office environment, I might be able to conceal my handgun. The problem was that in a professional office the casual shirt that would cover up the handgun and its holster was not an approved dress code item. We tried several items we found and began selling them on the web, but they all had issues, so I played with different designs until we came up with a design that we knew would work. We started manufacuring in 2009 and have made some improvements over the years. If you're like we are, you need to wear a tucked in shirt - at least on occasion!  This product makes your firearm completely invisible while allowing it to be accessed quickly with all day comfort. Our product is really designed for the business professional that wants to carry a firearm but needs to wear professional office style clothing.  Our first product was our Ultra which is still popular. The holster pocket and the magazine pocket are sewn in place. Then we came up with our Universal harness which is unlike anything else out there. Each holster pocket is detachable and can be placed in the perfect spot on the harness. It's what we use. We continue to innovate and introduce new items. Our Bra, Home & Office products are very unique.  This is fun for us! We specialize in products that are comfortable, durable and that just plain work!  

I personally guarantee that you'll be 100% satisifed with our products.

Steve Morrow and the Deep Conceal crew.

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