V-Line quick access keyless security products are quality made security cases that are made in the USA to close tolerances. All of our quick access cases feature a proven five push button mechanical lock that does not require batteries. Therefore, once your lock combination is set your case will always be accessible especially when you may need it the most. Most of our products, except the wall units, are portable and can be easily secured using our unique mounting brackets.

V-Line Ind. provides a wide array of security solutions for your home, office, RV, boat, vehicle and cabins. See why the professionals choose V-Line "When Safety and Quality Counts".

Ed C.
I had one (Brand X) that the battery kept going out of and making me find the key again until I just always used the key.  Quit using it for a gun safe and sold it at a garage sale for $3.00.  Got my first V-line before I sold the electric thing.  Kept the v-line under my bed with a Glock 19 in it.  Watched my highly intelligent (but not very bright) 14 year old grandson try to open the v-line.  He worked on it for over an hour and was really pissed when I came in and opened it in about 2 seconds!  We both learned good lessons.  Me not to trust anyone under 30 and him to always get the combination!  

Matt C
I had my truck broken into in front of my residence.  They took off with it and returned it in an empty parking lot a week later.  I had two small security safes in the truck, one of them was the V-line Desk Mate.  The thieves were able to break into the other safe, but the V-line was still intact!  They couldn't get into it, no matter how hard they tried.  The other had been pried right into, and had it's contents taken.  The Desk Mate was another story.  It had been scuffed up and a couple knobs busted off, but it was intact and the contents were undisturbed!  Thank you so much for building such a reliable, well-built safe.  
My V-Line Industries 3842-SA Shotgun Case arrived quickly and in fine shape. It is extremely well designed and constructed - so will safely keep my grandchildren away from my gun. The entirely mechanical 4-pushbutton lock is sweet and works exactly as I hoped. It is extremely important to note that the longest gun this case will accept is an overall length of 40½ inches. Fortunately, my Remington 870 has a short "home protection" 18½-inch barrel - so has an overall length of only 38½-inches. I'm delighted, but please be sure to check the length of your gun carefully before ordering this little steel case. I say "little", because it will hold only two short shotguns like mine! But that's precisely what lets it fit behind a bedroom door or in one's closet! 
Jonathan B.
Great Case!! Performs as advertsied. I hung mine in my closet on the back-side of some shelving, and at first glance it looks like a breaker box. For me - with a family full of kids, it is the perfect balance between quick access and security. It holds the 870 just fine. 
William C. 
Very pleased with the ease of setting the combination lock and the flexibility for bolting this down. No batteries or electronics to fail you! Definitely a great quick access safe! 
This case was just right to discretely and securely store a tactical shotgun behind the curtain in the master bedroom, but still allowed quick and easy access. The mechanical combination lock can be opened in the dark by touch in seconds (I don't think you'll want or need to use their 2 key locks). The case seems very well made and it was packaged properly for shipping so there were no dents. It was very easy to mount on the wall and to reset the combination. Keep in mind it really fits just one shotgun and there is hardly any room in the case left for ammo to go along with it (it fit just 2 boxes), and there is no shelf. 
I have had many handgun safes over the years, but this one out performs them all. It does not need batteries or a key. The mechanism is dependable and the code can be changed as needed. I have an electronic safe with batteries that sometimes will not open. This safe is more expensive, but with fewer components, there is less to go wrong. You do have to turn the knob after putting in the combination, but you know it will open every time. I have used this safe in my vehicle and home and have never had an issue. I have three children and want to protect them. This safe keeps my weapon close at hand, but does not allow unwanted access. 
I purchased this from a local shop b/c I didn't realize Amazon sold it, but I have this exact brand, model, specifications, etc. Most of the other brands I looked at seemed like a butter knife and some force would be all it'd take to pop the lid. With the design of this V-Line, the lid overlaps the bottom lip by about 1.5" making a very secure seal (most others this size the lid simply meets the bottom piece with just a small ridge inside as their "pry protection"). The lock is very simple to operate and pushing the buttons has a positive tactile response (very distinct feel) and I can quickly open it in the dark. I'm recommending my younger brother get one of these for a recent valuable purchase he made. Price seems a bit steep (i got mine used for much less) but I can vouch for its solid design and flawless operation. I'm not sure if new ones come with padding, but I highly recommend a little foam if it doesn't. 
Steve A.   
After much research I have settled on this safe as the best option. Much is made about the electronic safes. Between the Dead batteries, the failures to open, and the beeping, they leave a lot to worry about. None of those worries with the simplex lock.
These safes are made for quick access to a firearm for the owner, and no access for kids. Its not made to lock the firearm up so no one can steal it.. its made to keep the kids away. Regardless, its very secure and would take a lot of work to get into.
Easy combo to use in the dark or without looking. No worries that it wont work. Simple mechanical mechanism will always work.
One complaint is that there is no handle or lip to hold onto to open it. I simply stuck a little plastic lip on the end and it works great.
One other thing to Note is that the mechanism under the lock sticks down into the safe. Most firearms are L shaped and just go around it, but I thought it should be noted. 
After a fresh batch of grandchildren arrived in our family, I knew it was time for a different level of gun safety at our home. I did a lot of research on gun lockers. I wanted cases that were sturdy and had ultra reliable locking mechanisms that could be opened in a hurry on a nightstand even in the dark. I really wanted to buy biometric, but just wasn't convinced the technology is completely reliable yet. I also decided against a battery operated lock since I did not want to hide a key somewhere that I had to hunt down in case the batteries failed. All of this led to the v-line cases. The sturdy construction and rugged simplex locks were just the ticket and I have been very pleased in every way. I was also pleasantly surprised by v-line customer service when one of the used cases I bought from Amazon had a small problem due to its previous owner. I could have sent the case back to Amazon, but decided to try v-line customer service first. When after their very patient and careful attempts over the phone to help me fix the locker were to no avail, v-line immediately shipped me a completely new lock via UPS at no charge. I now own three of these fine cases and cannot recommend them more highly. 
This is a good safe. When the emergency happens it is comforting to know that I don't have to look for a key, or worry if the biometric reader is going to work. This a solid product and works well even in the dark, no batteries to fail in a time of need. My only issue is that there is not much room. I have to carefully place the items in it to get it to close. 
We have had our Vline Gun storage cases for a few months now, and couldn't be happier. I love the fact that the simplex lock is not dependent on batteries or biometrics or a key. Before we put guns in them, we had the kids play around with them to try and hack the code that we programmed, and they never even came close. I think that there are over 1000 possibilities, so I feel pretty secure locking guns in them. Of course, if someone took a hacksaw or crowbar, they could open them up, but for our purposes (quick, secure access) they work great 
W. L.
I use this case to keep my handgun secure but readily accessible. I chose it over some of the other gun safes because it has less moving parts, and no electronics, and I can quickly and reliably gain access to my pistol, while keeping it safely out of reach the kids.
Changing the combination wasn't particularly difficult, but it did take a couple of tries, so be sure to try your combination several times before closing it and locking it.
The construction is very solid, and is well designed to prevent prying or forced entry, and is pre-drilled for mounting to the floor.
While it is fairly spacious, with the pre-installed foam I found it difficult to close if I put a stack of papers in with my firearm, so I opted for just the handgun and its magazines, and moved the papers to the fireproof safe.
It opens quietly, and is easy to open by feel in the dark.
I obsess over topics. I spend days reviewing and find the exact perfect thing I want. I did the same for pistol safes for my nightstand. I looked at several electronic combination lock safes-- they all have the problem of failing batteries. When batteries fail, what do you do? Some have a backup key. But the point in having a combination is not to have a key around that your kid can find, right??? So there goes that. Some have external battery or AC Adapter connectors, but funny things happen when you short-circuit them: they go back to the default combinations. Ouch!
This one is very well built, takes no batteries (entirely mechanical), and fits in a drawer. What more can you want? This one is the best.
UPDATE: I like this so much that when we go on long trips, this gets brought along. It's just small enough to fit in my backpack with my laptop and other things I usually take, and really appreciate being able to stay armed, yet comply with laws by having this around wherever we go. I'm thinking about getting a second one as a backup or for another room in the house. 
D. L. 
I own several of these safes. They are compact, yet not too compact. It will hold up to two handguns. I much prefer the ease and simplicity of the 5 button Simplex lock over my two biometric safes. 
Does what it needs to do. I use this to keep my young kids out of my weapons and this box does the trick. Will this keep someone from being able to pry open with a large crowbar? No, but you can't expect that from a product like this. This box is clean, does not come with any solvent smells like some other security boxes I have purchased (foam padding in some other purchases) and is easy to set the combo. If you need to keep kids out of your stuff or deter theft than this is the box for you. If you need a box that provides much tighter security then you need to jump up to a full safe that costs $300-$400 bucks. I would buy another one of these as I am very satisfied with the purchase and would recommend it for its intended purpose. 
Perfect size for a pistol and ammo. Very reliable locking mechanism. A serious theif could get into it in under 60 seconds with hammer and prybar, but I don't think it was ever designed or marketed to prevent that. I just need it to keep the kids out. I love that I can set any combination. One reviewer noted that the knob and buttons seemd a bit loose. Somewhat, true. But most of this type of lock have a good amount of play. At work we have a number of doors with these push button mechanisms, and they're all loose. Best part is that it's a purely mechanical lock. I simply don't want to reach for my gun in a crisis after all these decades with it under my bed only to find in the dark of night that the batteries are dead--as could happen with locking mechanisms that require any amount of power to work. This lock is very doable by touch alone, and quick. 
Without a doubt the best safe i have ever owned. i didnt realize how heavy duty the safe was untill recieveing it. The safe itself is pretty heavy. Most importantly the foam inside the case is so thick on (top & bottom) that it prevents the gun and seperate mag from moving around(EVEN IF YOU SHAKE IT)!! pretty neat, PS: read instructions carefully in the beginning before attempting to fiddle with it. 
Matthew f. 
This is a great quality handgun safe that requires no power source. I didn't want to worry about batteries dying and not having immediate access, as well as a biometric safe not working on the first time. 
I have been purchasing Vline products for nearly 10 years and have never had an issue. I just purchased my 7th unit for my motorhome and as always it functions flawlessly. Vline has always treated me very professionally and taken care of any issue that I've ever had (always my fault). On one of my first purchases I set a new combo and 8 months later completely forgot what it was, not only did they show me how to get into it but they also provided a brand new lock at cost. Very high end company NOTHING EVER MADE IN CHINA USA ALL THE WAY WITH VLINE. I have no doubt that I will continue to buy from Vline.
Thanks so much for your professionalism and for keeping the American Dream Alive. 
With guns it is safety first and this product works great. It is great for a single handgun and multiple magazines, and with a non electronic lock (so no need for pesky batteries)it is ideal for casual and frequent access. Quality construction and the punch combo works EVERY TIME. 



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