QuestionIs the lock battery operated?
AnswerNo, the lock is mechanical, there are no batteries to change or that can fail when you need to get into your case quickly.



QuestionIs there a key backup?
AnswerNo, adding a key backup gives another point of entry for an attempted break in.



QuestionCan the combination be changed?
AnswerYes, and we strongly recommend it, directions are included with each lock.



QuestionAre there any restrictions to what I can set my combination on?
AnswerYes, you can only use each button one time.



QuestionHow many buttons can I use in my combination?
AnswerYou can use as few as one button or all five buttons for your code. You may select multiple buttons at one time combined with other selections but you can only use each button once.



QuestionWhat if I have problems when I’m changing my combination?

Click here to download lock instructions or call our customer service department at 805 520-4987 ext. 132 and they will be happy to walk you through changing your combination.



QuestionWhat happens when I forget my combination?
There is no back door into these locks or cases. This is good for security as it reduces entry points that could be compromised, it is bad if you forget. We recommend you write down the combination and put it in a secure place.  If it is lost, contact V-Line for additional solutions.



QuestionWhat is the warranty?
AnswerThe lock carries a one year warranty from the manufacturer and V-Line warrants the cases for one year. Should you have problems or concerns please contact V-Line for help or return authorization.



QuestionWhat’s to keep someone from walking off with the whole case with all my stuff inside?
Answer We strongly recommend the case be bolted down. Each case is provided with mounting holes and/or optional mounting bracket support to reduce the risk of removal. The mounting brackets allow for quick release and portable storage when purchasing more than one for different locations. We do not include installation hardware as size and type will vary depending on your surface.



QuestionHow hard is it to install the Quick Vault in the wall?
AnswerIt is pretty easy, first check desired wall location to be sure there are no wires or pipes. Cut a hole in the drywall, slide Quick Vault into hole, bolt to studs through holes in side of Vault. Instructions are included.






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